Whish Rice Milk Shave Cream With Vitamin K

Whish Rice Milk Shave Cream With Vitamin K

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You're going along doing all those things that make you feel good: exercising with friends, plenty of sleep, the right balance of salads and dark chocolates, but then there are those little veins. The spidery ones that most likely no one notices, but which drive you a little nutty every time you catch a glimpse. Have no fear – you've worked hard enough and should be rewarded with a magical cream that will help fade the appearance of those pesky veins to distant memory while brightening and improving your skin's overall appearance. So smart you are for discovering Shave Cream with Vitamin K – now go have a chocolate to celebrate.

Reduces The Appearance Of Darkened Veins: vitamin K, arnica montana flower, zingiber zerumbet extract, horse chestnut extract 
Moisturizes: natural squalane (omega 3), organic shea butter 
Soothes & Nourishes: organic jojoba seed oil, organic green tea, organic coconut oil

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