Skinn Chin-Up Pro Redensifying Neck Serum

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It’s time to give your delicate neck area the attention it deserves. As you age, it is one of the first areas to show the advanced signs of damage. Skinn research shows that neck-aging occurs in two ways: Type A women experience thinning, collapsing brittle skin on the neck that becomes dry and sinks with diminished elasticity (“chicken neck”), while Type B women experience a heavier full neck (“double chin”). Both Type A & B experience age spots and lines on their necks.

Chin-Up Pro Redensifying Neck Serum treats Type A: This super-strength neck treatment is developed with Skinn’s exclusive Pro-Lift Intense complex to lift, firm and tighten the look of a sagging jawline. Our proprietary formula is further boosted with Essenskin, Coheliss, and Renovage to help reverse the effects of thinning, dry and fragile skin on the neck and décolleté. Apply it for a redensified, more resilient, deeply hydrated, smooth and even-toned neckline.

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