Sephora Tinted Brow Freeze

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What it is: 
A jumbo eyebrow pencil to shape and set eyebrows in one easy step. 

What it does: 
This easy-to-use pencil distributes brow wax evenly in one quick sweep, offering weightless results and long hold for natural-looking brows. The formula merges with your skin to offer eyebrows subtle, sculpted perfection, while the jumbo format allows for simple, one-step application. The color formulas are naturally tinted to blend evenly, and the transparent, universal color works with all eyebrow shades. 

Research results: 
In a satisfaction test on 21 volunteers using the product for 14 days: 
- 100% found the eyebrow pencil easy to apply in one step 
- 95% found the pencil redefines and sets eyebrows 
- 100% found the (untinted) Brow Freeze has a universal, transparent color 
- 100% found the resulting look to be ultra natural 
- 86% found the eyebrow pencil has long hold

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