Outlaw Soaps Unicorn Poop Bar Soap

Outlaw Soaps Unicorn Poop Bar Soap

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Unicorn poop is HEWN FROM SOLID RAINBOWS and AN ASTONISHING ARRAY OF DELIGHTFUL SCENTS to bring glee to even the most soap-averse humans!

Upon sniffing the Unicorn Poop soap, 100% of testers respond with a variation of ‘Can I eat this? Are you sure I can’t eat this?’ and then ‘Can I lick it, at least?’

It is a Willy Wonka-style layered assortment of scents, including a non-specific range of rainbow sherbet, birthday cake, blueberry muffin, cola, butterscotch, and vanilla (the flavors change all the time depending on the unicorn diet, though). Not only that, it is BURSTING with SO MUCH GLITTER YOU’LL BE FORCED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS JUST TO DESCRIBE IT!!!

The poop… uh, SOAP, comes segmented into a single soap bar (no sparkle-loaves here!) and wrapped in a lovely organza bag with a very adorable label. It is fully suitable for giving children or other people who really need to smell better and/or you need to track (due to the magic of their glitter trail).

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