Outlaw Soaps Lust In The Dust Bar Soap

Outlaw Soaps Lust In The Dust Bar Soap

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It’s going to be a hot day. You’re taking advantage of the cool morning air to get miles between you and the last town.

No one travels across the Mojave after eleven o’clock, not even the US Marshall.

Your pre-dawn getaway bought you some time. The breeze is already warming up, carrying the desert’s heat with it.

The next town may be a good place to stop. The hotel is a fancy number, but you’ve got plenty of cash. As you walk in, you feel the manager’s eyes on you. It’s your old flame from home, all grown up and in this middle-of-nowhere desert town.

The heat between you rivals the sun rising outside.

You set down your saddlebags. It’s time to come clean.

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