Duke Cannon Hot Shave Clear Warming Shave Gel

  • $15.00

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Master barbers know that the perfect shave starts with a little heat. Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave is a clear shaving gel with a unique warming sensation that helps deliver the closest possible shave. Simply apply a small amount with warm water and wait 20-30 seconds before shaving to activate the heat. This opens the pores, softens and lubricates the skin for precise, comfortable blade strokes. Upon completion, cool down with a splash of cold water and apply After-Shave balm to close the pores and hydrate skin. 

Offers a 3-in-1 Formula: 
- Lubricating pre-shave oil
- Unique warming shave gel
- Aloe Vera for protection

May not be suitable for sensitive skin or Harold in Accounting.

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